Just thought I’d share some of the things I’ve been working on/experienced lately. That and I want to experiment with putting pictures in posts.

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The pictures from Sweden, Denmark, and Iceland are from a travel studio taken through the University of Michigan’s TCAUP, where we saw many interesting ideas for sustainable architecture, design, and development.  The graphics are some that I created for the final project of that studio; mine in particular was urban infill on the main shopping street.

The Los Angeles River is nearby where I grew up, and I went on an amazing tour of it this summer.  The destruction of the watershed there through concreting the riverbed has has a dramatic impact on the climate and pollution of the city, and theres amazing people working towards at at the Friends of the Los Angeles River.  The image from Louisville is from an annual trip to discover a city, run by second years and taken by first years in the urban planning program at Michigan.