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Check it out- its 6 of 2012’s most interesting maps, according to The GIS Lounge.  Based on what caught the attention of the general public over the last 12 months, this list is short but pretty sweet.


(Jay L. Clendenin / Los Angeles Times) June 13, 2012

So I realize I’m more of a mapping nerd than most.  In fact, my sister, who just returned from South Africa, gave me a set on envelopes made from maps there, and I can’t wait to frame them and put them up.  I’m also a HUGE fan of Ork Posters of neighborhoods, and own the one of LA.  But I think this is something that even those of you less nerdy than me can enjoy:

Eric Brightwell of Silverlake is doing something pretty spiffy.  Originally a small-town guy, he’s taken his experience with living in the vast city of LA to explore its many nooks and crannies.  This exploration has led to the creation of a series of over 100 hand drawn maps of the different areas of LA, showcasing their unique attributes from the perspective of someone who’s  really been there.  He’s already inspired a surge of LA pride and an interest in his hand-drawn maps, much to his surprise.  If you’re interested in something, go for it whole hog and you  never know what might come of it.  Ask yourself what parts of your city YOU love, or hate, or feel like expressing, and maybe you’ll be an inspiration, too.

Read the full article on it here.