Isn’t it great the way the green movement has become so popular?  Or, maybe a better question:  IS it great that the green movement has become so popular?  Sure, a lot of people understand the importance of greening the way we live.  As I wrote in my post about Women in Green Forum, there are people in many, many industries who are making a point of becoming more sustainable.  Cups are made from corn, electric cars are on the market, and people are using bamboo flooring instead of hardwood.

“Being Green” has become a popular trend in many markets, not the least of which the planning and design field that I’m most familiar with.  Today, its everywhere you look!  I feel, however, that therein lies the problem.  If being “green” is popular today, what will be popular tomorrow?  Next week?  In 10 years?  Sustainable living can’t just be a fad to really work.  It can’t be something that only those rich enough can afford, or those “in the know”.  In order to actually make a difference, it has to go beyond the popular topic of the moment and into a normal aspect of our lives.  Remember after 9/11?  How everyone you knew had an American car flag?  Patriotism was the soup of the day.  How quickly did that get edged out when the political tide ebbed?  Though its not the best analogy, I think its brings up a fair question:  will “being green” ever become more than just a fad with the general population?

Part of what leads me to believe that it isn’t integrated enough into our psyche yet is the way it needs to be advertised.  When some product, service, or venue has any remotely sustainable aspect, its shoved in your face.  Ok, ok.  So maybe this is because in the scheme of things, its kind of new to think about materials and waste in the way we’re starting to now.  But I won’t consider society really, completely aware of the necessity of a sustainable lifestyle until it becomes the norm. The day I can buy coffee and they DON’T think its weird that I ask them to fill up the travel mug I brought from home will be a happy day indeed.