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I have been an abominable blogger- but I will try to be better about it!  Everything happened at once at the end of the semester, and then I avoided the computer for the 2 solid weeks of break.  But now, I present my final design portfolio for the course the blog began with:

Hopefully, with the various design work I’ll be attacking the semester and into the future, I can keep up the blog more regularly.


Quick update on the most recent projects, related to the group projects done with two classmates: at, and

Just a quick update of some of the designs I’ve been working on over the past 2 weeks- we’ve been playing with Photoshop in the design course lately, and while I still feel like I barely understand the program, I know infinitely more than I did a few weeks ago.

(to see closer images, click on one, then use the orange arrows to browse; once there, you can click on the dimensions [i.e. 200 X 300] to see the full-size image)

Had an excellent pin-up session with the visual representation class as we all displayed our completed Ann Arbor/Detroit rail projects.  The range of ideas was great- people looked at land use, populations, view sheds, and the experience of being on the train.  Its too bad I had to miss the last few presentations to go to a meeting.

I’ve got to tweak a few things on mine, but I think it came out decently.  I definitely feel like I own Photoshop for a reason now, and I hope to get better at it as the course moves on.  I used GIS, but I think I will always, always hate that program