to•po•phil•i•ac (noun) – lover of place

1 part child of sprawl

1.5 parts urban form obsession

2 parts general curiosity

pinch of sugar and spice

Mix ingredients together on medium heat until bubbly.

Pour into education and bake, 95 deg. in CA and 55 deg. in MI.

Serve warm with Lynch, Jacobs, Oldenburg, Mumford, and Krier.


Amanda Irvine is a California urban planner and graphic designer.  After receiving a BA in Urban Studies and Planning with a minor in Art History and Criticism from UC San Diego, she headed east to the University of Michigan for an MA in Urban and Regional Planning with an emphasis in Urban Design and Physical Planning.  She has moved back to her sunny state of origin in the hopes of making a difference in the urban environment, where she is currently working towards enhancing the economic and business environment of the city.

Through her studies at both universities, various study trips, and personal curiosity, she has utilized her creativity and natural love of the physical environment to work towards making a more sustainable, community-oriented, beautiful, and walkable world.  Take a look at her resume, below, or check out the variety of projects she has worked on under the next tab.

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*Image on front page courtesy of Leon Krier

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