No matter what you celebrate in the winter season, you’ve probably got some occasion where you need to shop for others.  If you’ve got an urban planner/topophiliac/urbanophile/city nerd/etc on your list, heres some ideas.  At least, I think they’re pretty neat.  Happy shopping!

Wear You Live T-Shirts

city shirt

Featuring Boston, Chicago, LA, Manhattan, SF, and DC, this is the perfect shirt for anyone who knows what a figure ground is.

City Fabric Store

CityFabric  Logo

Good gracious, buy them anything from here.  Beyond the shirts mentioned above, there are FGs on canvases, tote bags…oh boy.

Ork Posters

brooklyn nieghborhood poster

I can’t even begin to describe how cool these are.  I received one of my very own, and its such a treat to have on the wall.  A unique display of neighborhoods available for many cities, plus the brain and the heart!

Latitude/Longitude Jewelry

Custom Latitude / Longitude Pendant

Location, location, location.  Planners think about it.  A lot.

Where I’ve Been Map

Maybe this is more for the adventurous traveler than a given for any planner, but generally we’re people interested in places, and this is map you can update yourself with all those spots you’ve been.

Design Like You Give a Damn 2 (Book)

Even if they have the original book, this edition, which came out in May of this year, is a good one.  A real keeper for the ole’ bookshelf.  I could list many, many books, but time is short and you have Amazon.

Custom Map Wine Charms and Cuff links


Sweet, gender neutral (ish), customizable, and they involve maps.  This shop also sells cuff links with the same idea.


City Bird Shop


You really can’t say no to all of the Say Yes to Michigan gifts just waiting to be purchased at City Bird.  Even if you’ve never had the pleasure of living in or visiting the Great Lakes region, the stuff they’ve got on their Etsy site and in store is great for everyone.


Lego Public Transit Set


So maybe its a little juvenile, but most people who like designing things like public transportation systems in real life would have fun doing it on a smaller scale, too.




If  you’ve looking for something classier and more high end, check out designer Frederik Roije’s Metrobowl.  Not cheap (can be purchased on his website), but very chique.