Last week, LA City Council passed the ban on plastic bags in Los Angeles, which is now the biggest city in the country to have taken such action.  Environmentalists have been pushing for a ban of this nature for years, but what does it mean for the health of the city?  It may not have a drastic immediate effect, as many stores, such as Trader Joe’s, have been encouraging their customers to buy and use their own resuable bags for years.  The actual ordinance will be passed after a four-month environmental review of the plastic bag ban, at which point we’ll see what impacts it actually might have.  Except for the perceived inconvenience by shoppers for the first few months, and obviously the hit on the bag manufacturers (which is a definite downside; how is LA dealing with that??), there seems to be no downside to this- especially for those of us who haven’t been getting them at the stores for a while now.  For the naysayers of the ban, claiming that plastic bags only make up 2% of the trash in our streets and waterways:  its a step in the direction of sustainability.  We have to stop treating our resources like one-use items.  This ban alone can’t make the huge difference we need to push towards.